App crashes when join meeting

i followed “build your app” guide with sdk version v4.6.21666.0428.
when i joined the meeting room then i got error

**2020-05-08 13:55:20.528493-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] [logging-persist] os_unix.c:43353: (0) open(/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/CF5D7903-57A7-4756-93B3-62DE77702AC5/Documents/data/zoomus.tmp.db) - Undefined error: 0**

**2020-05-08 13:55:20.530425-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] [logging] table zoom_meet_participants already exists in "create table zoom_meet_participants (itemID integer64, name text, avatar text,snsID text, snsType integer, deviceID text,roleType integer);"**

**2020-05-08 13:55:20.530665-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] [logging] table zoom_kv already exists in "create table zoom_kv (key text, value text, section text);"**

**2020-05-08 13:55:20.701921-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] MobileRTC Version: 4.6.21666.0428**

**2020-05-08 13:55:21.386340-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] onMobileRTCAuthReturn 0**

**error was 0**

**2020-05-08 13:55:40.581913-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] meetingNO: 77791903539**

**2020-05-08 13:55:40.596491-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] -[AppDelegate window]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x283c0aee0**

**2020-05-08 13:55:40.598490-0500 zoomTest[31829:6377816] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[AppDelegate window]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x283c0aee0'**

***** First throw call stack:**

**(0x1a5b0496c 0x1a581d028 0x1a5a02dcc 0x1a9c34884 0x1a5b08dc0 0x1a5b0b3a0 0x103214f80 0x1a5eceffc 0x1a5a5c99c 0x1a5a5c9ec 0x1a5a5bce4 0x1a5a5b97c 0x1a59d4910 0x1a5a5b2ac 0x103087d60 0x103636a20 0x10361c650 0x103614748 0x1036137f0 0x103614e14 0x1037474d4 0x1031db9bc 0x102bd12b8 0x102bd10bc 0x1a5818cc8 0x1a9c06918 0x1a9615380 0x1a96156f4 0x1a9614704 0x1a9c4178c 0x1a9c42a7c 0x1a9c1e600 0x1a9c98a58 0x1a9c9b010 0x1a9c94194 0x1a5a80108 0x1a5a8005c 0x1a5a7f7c8 0x1a5a7a694 0x1a5a79f40 0x1afd0a534 0x1a9c05580 0x102bd0ff0 0x1a58f8e18)**

**libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException**

Hi taehunchoi,

Thanks for using the Zoom SDK. It looks like the SDK init and auth was successful. When joining a meeting, the app crashes. Are you using UIScene? Could you have a try and see if you could get this crash with our iOS SDK demo app? If so, what are the steps to reproduce this with our demo app?


Hi Carson,

Yes Xcode version 11.
and i just found out that zoom sdk does not support Xcode 11.

Hi taehunchoi,

Yes, our SDK does not support Xcode 11 at the moment. Xcode 11 introduced a lot of new components: UIScene, dark mode, etc., we are working to support it. Please have a try to remove the components that are unique/new in Xcode 11 and see if that helps.


Hi Carson,

Is there any update on this? When can we expect the fix?


Hey @sonali.s,

You can use the latest version of the SDK: 5.0.24433.0616 in Xcode 11, however you will still need to disable UIScenes. Dark mode is not yet supported.