Make meetings accessible only by SDK

I schedule meetings through Zoom API for PHP. The meeting id and password is stored into my database and when the students click on Join button, the meeting id and password is fetched from the database and loaded into the SDK.
I have successfully hidden zoom meeting details from console logs and all but I still want my meetings to be accessible only by the SDK.

If a user somehow gets the credential and logs in through zoom app, then he/she can login easily. I tried setting only authenticated users to join meetings, but its not for me since i dont want them to login to zoom, they are already logged in to my app which provides name and email during zoom initialization.

Also I don’t want to set something throughout an account or user. I only want THAT particular meeting which is scheduled by API to work with SDK. because teachers are using zoom for normal meetings also and this change cant be user level or account level.

I am using web sdk, electron and ionic sdk

Hi @vivaanmathur2,

While I can certainly appreciate your use case, it’s not currently possible to restrict a meeting to only be accessible via SDK. If you wished to ensure that only certain users can join a meeting, enforcing authentication would be your best bet, although I understand this doesn’t solve for your use case.

If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend submitting this as a feature request in our #feature-requests channel, as you make a great suggestion for more flexible meeting restriction options by client type.


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