Make OAuth work with console app


I am developing a console app to grab data from Zoom IM chat sessions via Oauth. since it is a console app it does not have hosted redirect URI to get initial key from OAuth server. I would appreciate If I can get some help with this.


Hi Alpesh, 

The OAuth will not work strictly with a stand alone console app because our OAuth needs to redirect to a confirmation page. 


I get an error that domain name doesn’t exists for our internal company domain names. Is there any workaround for creating OAuth app in marketplace with internal company domains? Not every team in company will have internet domain. This procedure seems too complex for a simple task of just getting read only data from Zoom via APIs


Hi Alpesh, 

Please send a request to and request that we help you with unverified domains. We can help you get around this. Thank you!


You can use JWT token in console app, it worked for me …