Managing multiple users and preventing meeting time collisions

Our client has a number of sites, and each site has between 1 and 10 users, but becuase they can only have one active meeting per user, it makes it very hard to find out what account we can create the meeting under.

This is partially due to how we create meetings, which is partially due to the 100 meetings per day creation limit, i created a background daemon to create events as it gets closer to the day of the event, (otherwise one event may exhaust all creations for the day). because they are created piecemeal, there is a high chance of collisions.

Describe the solution you’d like
The easiest method i can think of would be create meetings/webinars under a group instead of a user, allow any user in that group to start/host the meeting/webinar but i’m open to suggestions to avoid collisions.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Considerd using the api to list all meetings for all users at the site and enumerate for the dates and time we are after and provide them a free/busy schedule, but tthat still doesnt help if someone creates a meeting for that account after the fact but before all meetings are created.