Manual domain verification

Hi, we’re trying to verify our domain so we can publish our OAuth app. We use different domains for development and public facing website.

I tried submitting a ticket but received a message that “We have moved to the Zoom Developer Forum. To ensure your inquiry is addressed, please navigate to our Developer Forum”.

Please let me know how we can go about verifying our domain.

Thank you,

Hi @tradingwithsol

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Sorry that is happening, here are some detailed steps to try:

  1. The correct form for this is : Developer Support Ticket (You will need to sign in under your Zoom Developer Account)
  2. Some of the form needs your specific details but I included what you should chose for some of the fields.
  • Request Type:
    • Technical Support
  • CC: (optional)
  • Subject:
    • Need assistance with Manual Domain Validation
  • Description:
    • include the app name(s) and development client ID(s) for the apps they are requesting manual validation for. They should also briefly request help with the manual validation next steps.
  • Product:
    • Developer
  • Developer App Type:
  • Issue Type:
    • App Submission
  • About:
    • Domain Validation
  • API Endpoints and/or Webhooks:
    • the endpoint URL(s) not validating when included in the submission metadata

Please let me know here if that get’s you unblocked or not! :smile:

Thanks for developing with Zoom!