Master Account API calls

Can I start and stop a meeting recording of another user using Master account based on time using APIs? And Can I get the meeting summaries using the meeting summary using AI companion using API?

Hi @sanya
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
Unfortunately, you can not start and/or stop meeting recordings of another user.
And meeting summary using AI companion is not available via API yet

Thanks Elisa. I can view and download all the recordings that other users have added from the site but I want to do the same using api calls. I can see that it’s only possible if I have a Master account. We have a plan called “zoom one pro” and I have the admin role in that account. Can I create an OAuth app to fetch the recordings of other users?

Hi @sanya
You do not need a master account to call the get/meeting/recordings endpoint

you should be able to do get recordings for users under your account if you are an admin/owner