About Zoom's API

Hello! I have 2 inquiries about the API

1.- I see that you can get the recordings, however, how would this work? Each user will need to have their own zoom account and the recordings will be specific to them? Or can we have a “master” (developer) zoom account in which he can store all of his users’ sessions and it is easily available to all users, without them having to create a zoom account?

2.- Similar to the previous, can users call from their phone to join a zoom meeting based on some conditionals within my app? So, no video is done just the voice when creating or joining a meeting?

Thank you!

Hi, @Djan,

Can you elaborate more on your use case and what you are looking to achieve? This will help inform us on what best practices to suggest or alternative option can you can consider.

Yes, it is possible to implement a workflow that limits users to join via call instead of joining a Zoom Meeting. For example, once the meeting is created, you can send the users you want to restrict the meeting call details instead of the meeting join.

Ok great! Thanks for your reply and of course,
For example, let’s say I want to create a marketplace in which people can book zoom sessions with one another, and of course, I want those people to see those recordings later.
In order to do that, does each individual need their own zoom account with recording capability, or do I just provide my own zoom account and with an enterprise plan (to name an example) I am able to provide zoom links and recordings to all members of my marketplace?


Thank you for the details here! You can technically implement both workflows, where user has recording capabilities enabled. Or you have the account/tenant in which users join meetings and you can enable recording. It depends on what is best for your particular use case. For instance, you can leverage webhook events to get to download the recording when it is completed. Here is the Webhook event for that for reference :

POST recording.completed webhook event


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this.

Amazing! Thank you for your feedback and attention, sure I’ll let you know as soon as I start developing this!
Truly appreciate it

Just one last thing, do I need a specific plan to be able to provide with meetings and recording to my users as a tenant?

@Djan ,

Pro or higher plans should be good enough for your use case. Here is a link to the Zoom Plans for your reference:

Hey Donte!

Since you were always really professional and thoughtful at replying I wanted to ask you if there is a way I can get into a call or have someone help me set up my OAuth app, I get the error 4700 and can’t move forward but there are also some other questions I would like to do on the go. Also, to make communication more efficient.

Thank you!