Max Concurrent view report

We are trying to get the max concurrent view for webinars and meetings -is there an API that we can use to pull this data?


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @seric,

Regarding the Max Concurrent views metric, I’m afraid this isn’t currently available via API. That said, I definitely understand why it would be valuable to have parity between the UI report and the API report, and will be happy to submit this as a feature request internally. If you’re so inclined, you’re also welcome to add this here: #feature-requests


Thanks Will. What’s the best way for us to pull this info in bulk? We have about 500 Zoom sessions that we would like to get this data for, and getting it one by one through the UI is very time-consuming.

Hey @seric,

Have you tried exporting these reports via CSV?

If you’ve already seen that option, I might also recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team to see if they have any additional suggestions, as they’re the experts on this metric and bulk exports.


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