/me endpoint support information

Hi there,

I am currently migrating our integration with zoom from V1 to V2, and am implementing the OAuth 2 authentication. I am curious on a couple things:

  • Given that a user grants authorization to the application and access and refresh tokens are successfully generated, am i able to create meetings on their behalf without their userId? Using /me endpoints? Which endpoints are supported? I haven’t found much information about it. Or are userId’s always required in the url?

  • If the userId is required, what is the easiest way to obtain those for an organization given i am an admin?

Hi @tpenedo,

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You would still need the userID to create meetings on their behalf. You can find a list of /me endpoints that are supported here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/app-submission-and-management/reference

To get the userID, you can consider calling this API:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Ojus,

The reference page you’ve provided for the /me context explicitly says " you can use me in place of the User ID to restrict the context of the call to the user that token belongs to". Wouldn’t this mean i don’t need the userId to create meetings on their behalf, since the access token i am passing would restrict the context of the call to that user?


we have recently updated our docs.

Allow me to work with my engineering team and get back to you with an update on this.