Create meeting for any Zoom user using email id

Hi there,

I want to create zoom meeting for any Zoom user account.

Like this:-

But I get this Response :-

“code”: 1001,
“message”: “User does not exist:”

PS: This user is not added with my developer account.

Any Help will be appreciated.

Hi @akshay1,

In order for you to do this, you should use the OAuth 2.0 method of Authentication. I am assuming that you are using JWT currently, which will not work, since the user is not listed under your account.

In order for you to use JWT authentication, the user in question must be listed under your account.


no i am using Outh 2.0 only

Okay, in this case please use the /me context explained here:

Since you’re using OAuth, you are effectively authenticated as the user. In this case you should use the me context in the URL:


i want to schedule meeting using email id

which has zoom account (app installed on pc/mobile ).

so i want to schedule meeting using Api call on there behalf.

how can i do that in zoom.

Hey @akshay1,

In order to be able to schedule meetings on behalf of users not belonging to your account, you would need to have your OAuth App published on our marketplace. Otherwise, it’s only accessible to your account.

If you’d like to be able to access users outside of your account via OAuth, you can find our submission process for this outlined here.


Hello, I want to create a meeting over my local python application that I wrote using api like a friend. Then people use their own account information from their own computers.

I am creating an application for the api from the application creation section. Requests Redirect URL for OAuth. However, since my program is not web based, there is no Redirect URL for OAuth. What can I do in this situation.

Hi @farukuyduran,

Since the authorization portion of our OAuth flow takes place on the web, a redirect URL is required. However, this can be any URL — you can test this with for example. You just need a URL that you will grab the appended authorization code from after the user authorizes your app.


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