Meeting audio download returns 403 since yesterday

I use this endpoint to get user recordings and then copy them one by one to s3. It worked flawlessly for the past year, yet yesterday it stopped working! when I go via browser to a download url of a recording, e.g. , the browser downloads the file. However, if I access via a nodejs script, I get a 403!

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. try to fetch via a node script, e.g.

const request = require(‘request’)

  console.log('err is %s',err)
  console.log('status is %s',response.statusCode)
  console.log('body %s',body)
  1. See that you get 403
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You changed something there, it makes a redirect to some other location and it relies on cookies or something. you practically disabled copying it to s3 easily. I need to be able to download it not manually, this is urgent please HELP

You’ll need to grab the set-cookie headers in the initial 302 response and pass them along when following the redirect.

Worked 3 hours on this today under pressure from clients and still didnt get it to work. This is so frustrating, i shouldnt do anything! the system was working perfectly fine for a year! they should revert this annoying change!

Hi @shaharsol @ryan

For update, please refer to our this forum post - Update: Recording download url 403 error. We’re working on resolving the issue asap.

Thanks for your patience, the issue is now fixed.


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