Recording Completed Webhook event - DownloadUrl is returning HTTP 403 (Forbidden)


I’ve noticed that sometime over the last few days when I receive a Recording Completed webhook and attempt to download the meeting using the DownloadUrl, the initial request is returning a redirect which then in turn returns a HTTP 403 Forbidden.

I want to be able to give an example of a URL but I don’t want to paste my download URL on a public forum. I do have examples of both the request and the redirect if I can provide this privately?


So I followed this advice - as a hack for now.

This seems to work - It’s meaning I am having to modify the URL but it works…for now.

Hey @MarkWalsh,

Is the recording password protected?

If so, see how to download the file with a JWT Token:


Hello Tommy, they are not but I did realize that in order to download a webhook meeting you need to use the download token provided in the body of the webhook.

I think this enables the downloading of all recordings, whether they’re password protected or not.

Glad this is working, @MarkWalsh, let us know if we can help in any way