Meeting not found with UUID

Get meeting participants API returning 3001 on this meeting uuid u1oHyVeaTYCsaaiMDl0LcQ==

@elisa.zoom Please check

Hi @vivek.kairi , is this the meeting uuid you received when you scheduled the meeting? If the meeting has already occurred, you need to use the new meeting uuid that you get from the List Past Meetings API endpoint.

If the meeting has expired or been deleted, you will not see it.

hi @gianni.zoom
This is from the meeting end webhook

I can see in our system when the meeting occurred and ended. Are you using Postman to test? Is the API call working as expected with another meeting uuid?

Hi @gianni.zoom
Yes, the API call is working fine with other meetings. I’m not able to fetch the details of this meeting by the meeting id as well.

We recently had a zoom migration to include all accounts in one main account. It could be cause of that? But that’s working fine for all other meetings

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