Meeting object does not include way to control chat options



I would like to know if there is a way within the meeting API that can change the chat options for meetings. Currently, the chat option is user-wide and I would like to toggle those options based on each meetings, i.e: One meeting can have private chat and another would only have public chat and those are independent from the user-wide options.



Hi Thai, 

You should be able to set it via our Update user settings API - 

Let us know if that works for you. 


I think you mistook my post. I mentioned that I need the ability to turn off chat for a meeting, not for the user. I know that I can set the chat option within the user and it will be persisted within any meeting that created by that particular user. However, what I want to accomplish is that I should be able to create meetings that does not have the chat turn on and other meetings that have chat feature on. I image it would be under the setting of each meeting and therefore, it would be the meeting api and not the user api. Furthermore, I don’t see this as an available feature within the GUI management, which I have not seen any indication that you can change the chat option inside the meeting settings.


Hi Thai, 

Thanks for the clarification, currently we don’t have a way to disable chat for individual meetings via our API or Zoom portal. I can let our Engineers know about this to see if we can implement something similar in the future.