Meeting participant report - Camera, Microphone and Speaker Metadata missing

I am only able to get Microphone, speaker and camera metadata for those that are host or co-host, I also do not have this information when I pull a report from our report dashboard.

I recall in the past that all participants metadata was available - did something change or is there another GET that I need to use to retrieve that information now?

Hi @lead2flourish,

Are the participants you’re attempting to get meta data for external to your account, or users under your account? This will affect what data you see returned.

Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will - They are all external.

If external doesnt return that meta data - has it in the past? I of course cannot locate the meeting in q3 of last year where I thought we had that information from a large training we had completed.


Hi @lead2flourish,

When you may have seen this data in the past can depend on a few different factors. However, at this time we do not return this data for external users.

If you have further questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at


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