Meeting/Participants API: code 300, The next page token is invalid or expired

I have a scenario of 6 meetings which multiple meeting instances under each of them.
When I try to get meetings/{uuid}/participants for all of them sequentially, there is no error.

But I want to make this API run faster, so I would like to run the fetch for the the 6 meetingIds in parallel, (using Promise.all())
There are 6 parallel tasks which do the following:
Step 1 - Fetch the meeting instances under the meeting Id
Step 2 - Fetch the list of participants under each meeting instance, using pagination (page_size = 300)
When fetching the second page in Step 2, I get the ‘The next page token is invalid or expired’ error
There is less than 100ms gap between the calls, so the token cannot be expired.

The only difference between this and the previous approach is that all the calls are done sequentially in the first approach, while in the second one each meetings’ report is fetched in parallel.
Is there any issue if we call these report apis in parallel, which would result in the next_page_token getting invalidated?

code 300, The next page token is invalid or expired

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @thulasidhar,

Is it possible to share a snippet of the code you’re running? (minus any sensitive details) It’s possible there could be some kind of race condition interfering with the interpretation of the request’s next_page_token. But I’m happy to take a closer look.


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