Recurring issue "The next page token is invalid or expired" with MeetingParticipants API endpoint


  • I am using the meeting participation endpoint in my data pipeline to learn more about the meeting in our organization. When I run this pipeline, after fetching data for about 200 to 500 meetings (range not consistent), I start getting the following error:
2023-07-03 08:45:29.921344: 400 | {"code":300,"message":"The next page token is invalid or expired."} 

Things I have tried to resolve this:

  • Waited for 60 seconds when the error occurred and tried again
  • Refreshed the access_token and tried again
  • Waited for 60 seconds, refreshed the access_token and tried again
  • Skipped that meeting ID and tried a different one

However, nothing works. Once this error starts coming, no matter what I do, this error continues to come until I stop my script and then try again. If I don’t stop, I exhaust my daily API call limit. This has caused a big issue now as now our database is behind close to 290,000 meetings as the pipeline fails after a few hundred meetings and I have to restart it manually.

I tried to search through this forum but didn’t get any proper solution.


I am an enterprise-licensed user and have this data pipeline for my company so I can provide more information if needed. Kindly help me in resolving this at the earliest

Thanks a lot!


sorry that this is still happening. I have reached out to your Zoom rep and asked them to collect the failed next page tokens from your account. Once we have them, we’ll go ahead and investigate the issue.