Meeting Poll Results are empty in the API responses for Meetings without manually generated Poll Reports

Both endpoints for retrieving past meeting poll results return non-empty questions array only after the manual generation of the report via UI. The Webinar endpoints suffer from the same problem.

The expected behavior doesn’t require any manual actions via the UI to retrieve the poll results for a past meeting

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

  • GET /past_meetings/:meetingId/polls
  • GET /report/meetings/:meetingId/polls
  • GET /past_webinars/:webinarId/polls
  • GET /report/webinars/:webinarId/polls

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a new Meeting with Poll and required registration.
  2. Start a meeting.
  3. Make sure that there’s at least one participant.
  4. Start a poll.
  5. Make sure that at least one participant has been finished the poll.
  6. End the meeting.
  7. Call either API resource to retrieve the poll results:
    • GET /past_meetings/:meetingId/polls
    • GET /report/meetings/:meetingId/polls
  8. Make sure that the questions array is empty
  9. Go to the UI: Admin -> Account Management -> Reports
  10. On the Meeting Report tab choose the Poll Report type and click the Search button.
  11. Find the meeting and generate Poll Report for it.
  12. Call either of previously mentioned API resources to retrieve the poll results
  13. Make sure that the questions array contains the actual poll results

What is the difference between the mentioned API resources? They look pretty identical for me, but they have different rate limits. That’s strange.

Hey @valmaev,

The API Poll results do take a few minutes to process before they are available in the API. The time could also be further delayed due to the degraded performance for the reporting system:

As for the difference, they seem to be the same haha. Let me double check if there is a difference.


Hey @valmaev,

The difference between the two is Get Meeting Poll Reports can be used with an Account Level OAuth App and List Past Meeting Poll Results can be used a User Level OAuth App.


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for your reply. I still have some questions:

  1. Could you specify how much time it’s needed to wait before the Poll result would be available (I mean in an ideal scenario w/o degraded performance issue)?
  2. Is it legal to call List Past Meeting Poll Results from the JWT app (which is always an Account Level App as I understood)?
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong:


Hey @valmaev,

I don’t have exact timing, but it should be available shortly after the meeting / webinar ends. In a few minutes.

Yes! :slight_smile:

Correct, the only difference is List Past Meeting Poll Results can work with user-level apps and has lighter rate limits.


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Is it possible to reinstate poll results after 15 days?

Hey @ashli.cummings4,

Can you please give me an example of what you mean? :slight_smile:


I recently held a webinar at my company. When i went to pull the poll results nothing returned in the search when i put in the date filter. I was able to reach out to my system admin to send me the reports but the results were anonymized. Is there anyway to retrieve data once it’s anonymized or is there anyway to send out the webinars back in a status where I may pull the reports from my account (I only have member access). Basically I’m asking are there any instructions I could give the admin.

Hey @ashli.cummings4,

You can use the API to get webinar reports:

Are you looking for any specific data?


Yes, I’m looking for poll reports. Would you have access to any reports that were generated no matter what company it came from?

Also if the company has a security clause to wipe reports after 15 days, would this scope work to retrieve the report?

Hey @ashli.cummings4,

Are you trying to get poll reports from your own Zoom account? If so, you can use a JWT App.

If you are trying to get polling reports from a different Zoom account, you can use an OAuth App, and have that company authorize you to pull the reports.

If you are not looking to accomplish this with the Zoom API, please reach out to and they will be able to better assist. :slight_smile:


Can someone help me retrieve my meeting poll results via API? We didn’t require formal registration for the Zoom meeting. We really need this poll data and every time we run the report, the excel sheet says error. I’m hoping someone can help! @tommy

Hi @dkolack,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! As a quick note—If you’re running into an error when pulling this via Excel, you might also consider reaching out to our Support Team for help here.

That said, if you wish to pull this information via API, you or your web developer can reference this endpoint to do so programmatically:

I hope this helps,

I’m using the GET /past_meetings/:meetingId/polls API to get the zoom poll results using the uuid of the meeting.

But for some meetings, the API returns incomplete or empty data in the questions array but when the poll reports for the same is being downloaded through the UI: Admin -> Account Management -> Reports -> Poll Reports the meeting poll results are present in the excel file.

Hi @anurag.gupta,

Can you please share a copy of the request where you’re seeing the empty poll results? If you can share the request URL and response body, this will help us to take a closer look.


Sure, attaching the screenshot of the request below, here it shows no data but while downloading the poll report for the same from Admin -> Account Management -> Reports -> Poll Reports shows all the poll responses.

Hi @anurag.gupta ,

Thank you for confirming these details. We’re looking into this for you (ZOOM-236642).

I’ll be in touch soon,

Hi @will.zoom ,

Any updates on this?