Meeting screen and share screen takes time to show up

Hello ,

We are having a strange issues in our Android app which is using the latest version of Zoom SDK. Here are the videos showing the issue. Please have a look and help us how can we fix it?

Case #1 video -
Case #2 video -

Case #1 - In the first video case, the guest seemed to connect to the meeting because there was auditory feedback showing that both the phone and the laptop mics we connected to the meeting. However, the guest stayed stuck on the wait screen.

Case #2 - In this case, the wait screen disappeared and is seemed the guest was being connected to the meeting (you can see on the laptop that a box appeared on the left for the guest’s video). However, neither the guest’s video nor the guest’s audio ever connected to the meeting. Instead, there was just a spinning icon in the middle of the guest’s screen. (Note: We are using the windows version of our app using the latest SDK of zoom to host a meeting).

Hello Support Team,

We are still waiting for your response on this. Please help us, we need to launch the app ASAP and this is really serious issue from your SDK.

I have attached another video for the issue.

Hardik Mashru

Hi @Bert_Leatherman,

Thanks for the video and the information. We could see the issues but we might need some additional information for further investigation. Could you provide an SDK log for us to further investigate this issue? (You may follow the instruction here to retrieve SDK log: Is this issue reproducible with our demo app? If so, what are the steps to reproduce this?