Meeting SDK App does not have Event Subscriptions option

The Meeting SDK App type does not have an option to set Event Subscriptions Webhook notifications like a JWT or Oauth App.

It does include Oauth creds but not the Events subscription option. Is it intentional to skip this feature from this App type or is it something you plan to add in the near future?

Hi @elearningevolve ,

Yes this is intentional. Webhooks is available for the following apps: Using webhooks

Hope this helps!

What if a user wants to use Webhooks in a Meeting SDK app type? Is there a plan to add this support in the future? It seems redundant that they will have to create another App type just to receive Webhooks.

Hi @elearningevolve ,

Thanks for the feedback! I will follow up if Webhooks for Meeting SDK is on our product map and able to be disclosed.


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