Meeting SDK - Change display name error SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE

Hi Zoom !
I’ve tried to change display name for both android and ios.


if(meetingStatus == MeetingStatus.MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING) {
                    long myUserId = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().getMyUserID();
                    MobileRTCSDKError result = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().changeName("HELLO K.TEAM", myUserId);
                    System.out.println("RESULT change name =>>>>" + result);


if(state == MobileRTCMeetingState_InMeeting) {
        NSUInteger userId =  [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] myselfUserID];
        [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] changeName:self.displayName withUserID:userId];

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?
Android v5.9.3.4273
IOS v5.9.3.2512

Additional context
For our meeting, I also set display name in params but the display name show as webinar token registered.

Hi @bizupssc, thanks for using the dev forum.

Are you trying to change the name of a non-participant attendee in a webinar? If so, this is not supported. Only panelists are able to update their names in webinars.


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