Changing participants names

In a Android App, I am changing a telephone number to a name.
I am a co-host (I can mute/unmute)

MobileRTCSDKError err = zoomSDK.getInMeetingService().changeName(name, user);

What would be the possible causes?
Thank you.

Which version?
zoom-sdk-android-master v4.6.21666.0429
To Reproduce(If applicable)
It is consistent.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Samsung S7
  • OS: Android
  • Version 8.0.0

Additional context
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I am answering my own question. But it might help others.
It is not obvious on the snippet of code I provided, but this is happening inside a AsyncTask, in the “doInBackground” section and if Zoom actually executed the command, it would be changing the User Inerface. And that is not allowed. (We cannot only change the UI in the Main thread, aka the UI thread).
So, I am now collecting the names and ids and executing the command(s) in the “onPostExecute” section of the AsyncTask.

Hi @frank,

Thanks for the post and thanks for the follow up. Is this problem resolved? Are you getting this error with meetings or webinar?

Hi Carson
I was getting the error after joining a meeting and I wanted to identify some telephone callers (using a ‘phonebook’ database). Once I moved to calls to change names to the UI thread.
If you recall, I was building an Zoom app for Windows - to mute all except the speakers - using the Zoom C# wrapper. It turns out that the solution was not portable - once I had the app working, I could not just ‘publish’ it like any C# project for Windows. There was no way to integrate the SDK into the “one-click” app.
So, I tried the Zoom Android SDK and it works well. I can produce an .apk and install it on Android devices. One thing I could not do : voice input (using Google voice). It works when I do not join a meeting. Once I am in a meeting, then my voice is not detected by Google. It could be that Zoom steals the microphone, but I join the meeting with the parameter opts.no_audio = true;
Using voice instead of typing would be desirable, but not essential.
Any thoughts on that?
Thank you again

Hi @frank,

Thanks for the reply. It seems like the Android client does not support releasing the mic when muted. I have reported this to the Android client team, once they have enhanced this part, our Android SDK will inherit this.