Meeting SDK error "Signature is invalid"

Hi all, please I have been struggling with integrating the zoom web sdk into my website lately. below is the description of the error that I am getting:
When I set the time on my device to GMT(i.e London time) I was able to join as an Attendee after a few trials but when I set the time to my local time (i.e GMT +1) I keep getting “Signature is invalid”.
In either case, if the role is set to host I keep getting “Signature is invalid”.
Please I really need this sdk in my app and will be glad to have this fixed.
The version is 2.8.0
Thanks to you all.

Hi, @sulesanusi1,
Can. you share the snippet of code used to generate the signature? Also, have you tried to use our Zoom Meeting SDK Sample Signature Node.js? If not, the first thing I’d recommend is to reference the sample app implementation against yours. Or, you can deploy the sample app to Heroku and make a request to get the signature from the endpoint. Here’s a link to the repo for your reference :