Meeting SDK: Upgrade Chrome Message

Zoom Meeting SDK 3.1.4 for the Chrome Browser

When we upgrade to Zoom Meeting SDK 3.1.4 we see an message to our attendees regarding gallery view “Update your browser to the latest version of Chrome to use Speaker/Gallery View”. Our attendees to do not have the ability to upgrade their browser and therefore we want to turn this messaging off.

Is there a way to turn this message off by default?

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Hi @courtney, good question, I don’t immediately know of a way to configure this setting. When you say participants are attendees, are you seeing this on Meetings or Webinars?

Hi Michael, Great clarifying question. We are hosting webinars with our customers attending.


Can you share a screenshot of the message your customers are seeing?

Thanks for that context @courtney, we’re verifying with engineering. Ideally this is a message sent to you via console message not the UI. Appreciate patience :slight_smile:

Hi @courtney we will change this behavior in an upcoming version (currently targeting 3.5.0). Thanks for identifying this

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