Attendees of Web SDK Meeting cannot adjust their view

We’re currently testing an app we’re building with the Web SDK. When we jumped into a meeting, I as the host could see the clickable panel in the top right that allows me to toggle views from speaker to gallery etc.

Different users were complaining that they were seeing different views - some saw only the users who had their cameras on, others only saw the speaker, still others saw their own window and the speaker.

They all reported they cannot see the top right clickable panel that allows the user to toggle views.
There was a mix of Mac users and Windows users. All used Chrome as far as I know. Everything else seemed to work fine. Any help would be appreciated!

which browser are used by the attendees?

the support of Gallery View is the biggest difference

  • Chrome/MS Edge Chrome/… supports Gallery View
  • Firefox hopefully soon (already works on the zoom website)
  • Safari (Mac) no support
  • iOS (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) no support
  • Android (not testet)


Jurgen, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks so much!

Hi, Jurgen

I reported this back to the test users, and we all tried again, this time with Chrome, but the same problem manifests itself. Is there any setting I may have gotten wrong? Thanks.

you should collect screenshots from the browser window (incl. browser decoration) from your test users and post them here


@lshopeful2018 ,

Can you share screens of the behavior your users are reporting?

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