Meeting SDK (Web): Polls and translation not working

I’m creating a web-embedded webinar using the Meeting SDK.
I have used the SDK example, created an auth server with my API creds and deployed a React-based web page.
Users are able to successfully join the webinar as guest attendees, receive video/audio , raise hands and interact via chat and Q&A.

However, two problems:

1- When the host launches a poll, the guests see nothing. (Even though I can see the poll info coming into the web client via a websocket connection)

2- When the host enables live translation, the guests do not see the translation button to select their language. (Again, I can see the translation info coming into the web client via websocket)

Using meeting sdk 2.11.5 and a paid enterprise Zoom account. Happening in all browsers and without plugins.

One note: After a guest attendee joins, the web client logs this error:
type: 'INVALID_PARAMETERS', reason: 'userId is not correct'
Though it does not seem to affect other functionality.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

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