Meeting SDK - Zoom OAuth Code Expiration and how it affects Request Access Token

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Meeting SDK Type and Version
*Zoom SDK Version: 2.8.0

I’m using Zoom API at a NodeJS project so I can create meetings from my own application, but with the transition from JWT to SDK something appeared.
When I applied the OAuth this returns me a code
This code I can use it to request my access token and with this create my Meeting through the API.

The issue is that this access token expires at 1 hour, I can refresh it by using the Refresh Access Token but if I don’t refresh it at 1 hour then my access token and refresh token expires.

And when I tried to Request a new one using the same code that I obtained from the previous OAuth request I get the next response:

“reason”: “Invalid authorization code”,
“error”: “invalid_grant”

So the code expires too after 1 hour?
And if is that the case how can I request a new Access Token without make the OAuth request again because I do that at my Postman, but at the Backend Nodejs I can’t.

After 1 hour OAuth obtained code is Invalid so can’t request new Access Token

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
*1. Get Code from OAuth Request
*2. Request Access Token (optional)
*3. Wait 1 hour without Refresh the Access Token
*4. Try to Request the Access Token Again
*5. Obtained the error

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. When you say same code what code are you referring to? Access token or Refresh Access Token

Also, we have a sample OAuth app you can reference. I’ve liked it below for you:

Zoom OAuth Hello World

Have you considered leveraging the sever-to-server OAuth app? With this approach, you can make a request to get an access token without having to do the two-step OAuth request dance. To this point, here are several sample OAuth apps you can reference :

S2S OAuth Starter App

Zoom Server-to-Server (s2s) Oauth Token Generation