Meeting start_time

i wan’t to create a meeting scheduled meeting but i specific my start_time options but always i still get the meeting with myy current time .

$response = $client->request(‘POST’, ‘/v2/users/me/meetings’, [
“headers” => [
“Authorization” => "Bearer ". getZoomAccessToken()
‘json’ => [
“topic” => $_POST[‘topic’],
“type” =>$_POST[‘type’],
“host_email”=> $_POST[‘email’],
“timezone”=> “America/New_York “,
“start_time” => $_POST[‘meeting-time’].”:30Z”,
“duration” => $_POST[‘duration’], // 30 mins
“password” =>$_POST[‘password’]

Hi, @asma,

Thank you for posting in the Forum. Can you share the exact value you are passing for the start_time? I’ve experienced a similar problem where I was not sending the start-time value in the right format. Please double-check you are sending the date-time correctly. You can find an example format in the create a meeting API schema: