Meeting status connecting and then immediately disconnecting

I’ve integrated the Zoom Meeting SDK in my app and it has been working fine until today. Every time I try to join the meeting it tries to connect and then immediately disconnects. This is happening on both Android and iOS. No changes have been made in my code since the last time it was working. Please assist urgently.


I have seen a few threads with this same issue and it seems that it was resolved on Zoom’s side.


Can you share which SDK version you are using? We have implemented our minimum SDK Version policy. Please see here for more details. SDK minimum version policy

SDK Upgrade Guide: SDK upgrade guide
SDK Update How to:

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Hi Jeremy,

We’re currently running 5.9.3 on both iOS and Android - I see that the minimum according to the policy is currently 5.9.0?

We have the same issue on 5.12 which just started today.

Meeting Status: [MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING, Connect to the meeting server]
Meeting Status: [MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING, Disconnect the meeting server, leave meeting status]
Meeting Status: [MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING, Connect to the meeting server]
Meeting Status: [MEETING_STATUS_ENDED, Meeting ends]

Yea it was the SDK version, I thought we were on a version above 5.9.0. It’s working after updating the SDKs.

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@craig2 ,

Glad to hear updating the SDK version helped resolve the behavior you were seeing. Thanks for sharing this update with the community.


Can you share more details regarding the issue you are seeing? Also, we kindly ask can you share the following clarifying information :

  1. Steps to reproduce

    • Full Request URL (if applicable)

    • Request/Response Body JSON (if applicable )

  2. What SDK are you currently using?

  3. Can you also provide SDK logs, device and crash logs, etc?

Hi Donte

Yes, It was the version that was the issue. We were running 5.7

Upgrading to 5.12 made things work again.

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