Android Zoom SDK Meeting disconnecting automatically

I tried to join a meeting it goes to connecting status and few seconds later it disconnects. First I thought my custom UI was the issue but later I disabled custom UI but still the issue exists.

SDK Version - 4.6.21666.0429

Meeting Status Logs

SDK Logs
I zipped and uploaded the SDK logs into drive link here

Same issue here. The problem started this morning…

Zoom Staff, please fix it ASAP, thanks!


We are also facing the same issue. @Progotan Can you share your SDK version too. We are using v5.2.42043.1112.

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@janikagahalot : I am honestly not sure about the version of the SDK, I am using it in Xamarin as a library from here: GitHub - stntz/Xamarin.ZoomBinding: Zoom Mobile SDK Binding for Xamarin Android and iOS(device only)

@tommy, @MaxM, @donte.zoom

Facing the same issue can you guys please look into this ASAP.


@janikagahalot @suhassrikar77, Guys it is started working at my end please have look.


It seems to work now… Thank you @vbhosale for the information!


Thank you @vbhosale for the information .

Yes its working fine now. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s working now for everyone!