Meeting summary code 3001

API Endpoint - GET /meetings/{meetingId}/meeting_summary
Link -

at the beginning I use this endpoint: and I got this data
“uuid”: “e/vqza1OTr+9SOpX1LqPnQ==”,
“id”: 97672375721,

To use this endpoint /meetings/{meetingId}/meeting_summary a I have to double encode UUID.
In PHP it will be
$uuId = “e/vqza1OTr+9SOpX1LqPnQ==”;

//Double URL Encode
$uuId = urlencode($uuId);
$uuId = urlencode($uuId);
echo $uuId; //e%252Fvqza1OTr%252B9SOpX1LqPnQ%253D%253D

so I send this url: and got 3001 code

Response for the API
Status code 404
{ “code”: 3001, “message”: “Meeting does not exist: e/vqza1OTr+9SOpX1LqPnQ==.”}

Hi @damian30 , this endpoint is for upcoming meetings, but it sounds like you are looking for a past meeting if you want to use the meeting summary endpoint.

You could’ve grabbed an un-useable meeting uuid for summary endpoint.

Try this one–list past meeting instances Zoom Meeting API

or this one–get past meeting details: Zoom Meeting API

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thank you, this is exactly what I meant

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Awesome, glad it’s resolved!

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