Meeting.updated webhook is not triggered for for registration/email/branding changes

Hi there!

We’re using webhooks to capture changes on meetings and verify the meeting settings meet our required criteria for integration. If the meeting settings are not set “properly”, we inform the host (via email) to update them to required values and wait for the “meeting.updated” notification to verify.

meeting.updated webhook is triggered on changes to topic, agenda, schedule, a/v, password, meeting options.

it is not triggered if any of the following are changed:

Registration Options
Email Settings

Actual Use-case:

  • Host creates a new meeting
  • meeting.created is triggered, we retrieve meeting details
  • We inform the host, that they must enable “manual approval” (approval_type = 1)
  • Host changes “approval_type” in Zoom Web UI
  • meeting.updated is never triggered

In Zoom web ui - any changes to options in the image below do not trigger meeting.updated
(nor does patching via API)

Hey @WMaster, I am guessing those settings do not trigger the Meeting Updated Webhook.

I will confirm. (ZOOM-147817)


Hi Tommy:

That would be my guess too :wink:

I could see how the trigger may be possibly ignored for branding, but approval_type is a pretty important event (IMO).

I’m guessing you guys are dumb busy right now, but maybe if you could add this to a “nice to have” list.

For now we will have to “GET” meeting/{ID} on some timed task to verify “approval_type” key.

Hey @WMaster,

I have confirmed with our engineers, and unfortunately at this time the update meeting webhook will not be trieggered when editing these settings:

I have added this as a feature request.


Hi Tommy!

Sounds good.

At the very least “approval_type” would be a useful addition.

Thank you!

Hey @WMaster,

I agree! I have added this as a feature request!

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