Meeting View performance issues

I have been updated the latest SDK version (both 5.7.1 and 5.7.6). However, after the update, the meeting view shows a different view.


You can see that the meetingView is in fullscreen. It fills the iPad. And while you double-tap the screen, the view will before smaller like the image below.


The meeting view is in a smaller size (have two black column now) as default and cant double-tap to make it bigger. And It has a new button on the top-left corner, may I ask can it be remove?

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

  • Device:iPad iPad pro mini
  • OS: iOS 12-15

Hey @lemon97213,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

In regards to the sizing issue, do you see the same issue using the Zoom client application? In regards to the new button, unfortunately it must be shown for security and privacy reasons.


Hello @Michael_Condon ,

Oh yes, I have the same issues while using Zoom Client application. But I am sure that it is “fullscreen” before.

About the new button, if it cannot be hidden, can it change to another position or show in another way, cause it is kind of weird.

Thank you so much for your help.

Alex LO

I search the doc and found (void)setVideoAspect:(MobileRTCVideoAspect)aspect. I tried to call it and set the video aspect to MobileRTCVideoAspect_Full_Filled, but nothing change. So I think maybe I call it wrongly, would you mind to show me how to call it, or it is irrelevant to this issue.

btw I am using meetingView (Zoom original one not customerUI).

Thank you so much.

Hey @lemon97213,

The position of this button can be changed only if you are using a custom UI.

Can you try pan and scan instead?

Unfortunately, if this happens in the client as well then it is intended behavior.



Is there anyway to change the szie of the meeting view video?

Hey @lemon97213,

The size can only be adjusted if you are using a custom UI.



Is that a easy way to change the view from meeting the customerUI View?

Hi @Michael_Condon ,

Beside the button, can this pop up message hide or dismiss programmatically?

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 5.34.59 PM

Hey @lemon97213,

It is not very easy, to be honest. When enabling custom UI, you are no longer provided any UI and must build out a meeting UI from scratch.

This cannot be hidden.


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