Meeting Web SDK Client View auto reloading every few seconds

I have been trying to integrate meeting start and join using meeting Web SDK. I have followed the sample react app with some changes. And the issue I am facing is after successfully starting the meeting, after few seconds to a minute, it seems as if the page auto reloads and prompts me to join the meeting once again (shown in screenshot below)

Every once in a while, I get meeting disconnected, connection timed out and meeting ended by host errors as well.

Browser Console Error
Some of the errors I have been getting (alternately) in the console are:

Uncaught TypeError: g.a.connectSocket is not a function

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘contextGL’)

Warning: Each child in a list should have a unique “key” prop. See for more information.
in p
in Unknown (created by Connect(Component))
in Connect(Component)
in Unknown (created by Connect(Component))
in Connect(Component) (created by s)
in div (created by s)
in div (created by s)
in s (created by i)
in i
in Unknown (created by Connect(Component))
in Connect(Component) (created by b)
in div (created by b)
in b (created by Connect(b))
in Connect(b) (created by a)
in div (created by a)
in a (created by Connect(a))
in Connect(a) (created by p)
in div (created by p)
in Unknown (created by p)
in p

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Web SDK. [2.4.5]

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
The code snippets that are causing the error / issue so we can reproduce.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘…’
  2. Click on ‘…’
  3. Scroll down to ‘…’
  4. See error

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook Pro
  • OS: macOS 11
  • Browser: Brave
  • Browser Version: Chromium: 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Additional context
I have tried using multiple SDKs to check if the issue can be resolved. But no luck yet.

Hi, @solomanraiii.

Is this behavior reproducible? And can you share a screen shot of the console when it occurs ?

hey @donte.zoom ,

I figured that the issue with my approach was the use of useRef and useEffect hooks on React in order to automate the zoom meeting join. After updating the setup to align more with the sample app I managed to solve the issue.

thank your for your time.

Awesome! Glad you are up and running @solomanraiii ! Thank you for the update. --happy coding.

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