How to further customize the web SDK component view, ie. re-style buttons and popups?


Hi! I’m building an integration with Zoom, and I am already able to join meetings using the Web SDK’s component view. However, our users have very low technical ability, and I would like to adjust the size (much bigger) and font size (much, much bigger) of various aspects of the component view.

I see there are several configuration options, especially regarding popper, but these are insufficient for my purposes.

I also checked out the actual, rendered HTML, and unfortunately the vast majority of elements do not have a decent, target-able element ID.

Is there a way to further customize the Web SDK view? Alternatively, is there a different way to get just the video view, and be able to construct my own buttons/popups around it?

Hi @msoliter
Have you looked into the Documentation for Resizing the meeting sdk component view?

I believe you can not resize the buttons specifically unless you try and inject some CSS into your code.

Yes, I ended up using the size parameter, as well as manually targeting some elements. The code is extremely brittle as it targets elements based on child position.

If the SDK won’t allow the setting of custom classes on each element in the constructor, then I wish it at least set unique, translation-agnostic IDs on each type of button, toolbar, and so on. It would make my application significantly more stable.

I totally understand what you are saying and I will make sure to pass down this feedback to our Engineering team @msoliter

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