Meeting/Webinar report API

According to the screen, the API return time is not consistent with the Dashboard.
In Dashboard, the Meeting/Dashboard details will show local time in Start Time / End Time.
but API does not return local time, please advise how to convert the time returned by the API to local time.
I cant find any API that return the meeting/webinar Time Zone setting.

Hi the API returns datetime in UTC Zero (+0 GMT). This can be converted in a number of methods, is there a particular language you’re looking to do this in?

understand the API return UTC Zero(+0 GMT), but what about the Dashboard ? As in my screen captured, the time is not shown in UTC Zero, so, in what way I can convert the API returned time to the one shown in the Dashboard?

What TImeZone Dashboard is using? any api i can retrieve the timezone?

Hi are you able to return the Host User’s timezone through the User API:

as mentioned, all the API returned time in UTC Zero(+0 GMT), but all the Report/Dashboard NOT display the time in UTC Zero, how can i convert the time returned by GMT to the time showing in the Dashboard/Report?

Should I convert it according to the TimeZone returned by the meeting or webinar API ?
For example, as attached in the screen, according to the API "{meetingiId}", the meeting TimeZone is “Asia/Shanghai”, means GMT+8
can i assume that i can simply convert the ADD 8 HOUR to the Time returned by any APIs such as
" /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants" that make it consistent as the Dashboard/Report generated i ZOOM admin portal .

Here comes another issue, the TimeZone name returned by API looks something like “Asia/Shanghai”
not align with the Meeting Setting, can you provide me the possible TimeZone value returned by the
API ? and what is the corresponding GMT value, e.g. “Asia/Shanghai” means GMT+8.

We hope to automate the generation of report using the API, but we dont want to show the time in UTC Zero, we hope to show the time same as the Dashboard, so, its a must to know the TimeZone value and convert the UTC Zero to a “correct” TimeZone, please advise !


Typically all data returned from an API is in server time, (UTC / GMT).

Once you receive the data from the API, you can convert the UTC time to your local time, or the timezone of the client (browser). For example, in JavaScript you can convert UTC to the local time via getTimezoneOffset().

Does that help?


Hi, let me clarify my question
as shown in the previous screen :

The API return Join Time as “2020-06-19 07:33”
But, in the Dashboard, it shows “2020-06-19 03:33pm” , may I know the logic behind? Why the Dasboard shows a GMT +8 time ? Is it because when the meeting is scheduled, the time zone selected is GMT+8 ?

according to the end point “{meetingId}”, the meeting timezone is “Asia/Shanghai” which is GMT+8 !

my question is , instead of returning “Asia/Shanghai” , can it return “(GMT+8:00)Beijing, Shanghai” , so that i can parse the Timezone value and retrieve GMT+8 , , then convert the time programtically.


The dashboard shows the local time (GMT +8 time) because that is what timezone you are in.


Since the API always returns the time in GMT (you will see a Z at the end of it), you can use that date time to convert it programmatically.

Does that make sense?