Meeting Write permissions is needed to receive meeting end event

Recently came around requirement to have meeting write permission for application that needs to receive meeting end event.
Wanted to confirm if that is the case.
And reasoning for this requirement.
Our application only needs read-only permissions and we tell customers we gaining read-only access to their data. This would be breaking our application model.


Hi @emelomed,

Can you please provide more details on your request, so that I can give you specific recommendations ?


This is question related to Zoom support ID: 1261786.

The way we understood answer from Support is that Meeting:Write:Admin scope is needed in order to receive Meeting.Ended WebHook notification.
And that is behavior we actually seeing when implementing subscription to WebHooks.

And, it makes no sense to us (or our customers) to require meeting write/admin permissions just to find out that a meeting has ended via the WebHook.

@katyle @emelomed

Apologies for the delayed response. I will reach out to the concerned team, and let them know about your feedback.

I will update this thread if we get any updates from them.


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Any news on this one ?

Hi @emelomed @katyle,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

As of now, you can receive the meeting.ended event with just permissions. You don’t need to have meeting.write permissions. Even if the user is a free one, you should be able to receive this event.

We will update about this within our marketplace app, where the event says it requires read and write scope, to just requiring a read scope.

Thank you!




Thanks Ojus! Katyle let us know if you have any other questions!