MeetingInfoType is undefined with latest WebSdk 1.8.6

I upgraded Zoom WebSDK in my angular project. When trying to join a meeting, it is giving an error with MeetingInfoType. I have defined the required 2 meeting info types correctly.

zoomus_websdk__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3_.MeetingInfoType is undefined

Which version?


Hey @dipapatra2012 ,

According to the docs, you do not need to set MeetingInfoType, just the values like topic" and "host".


@tommy It is was working fine that way when I was using WebSDK v1.8.1. It looks like the array declaration is changed from v1.8.5. The documentation is not updated yet for a newer version.

If I use string format then it is giving me the below error:

error TS2322: Type ‘string’ is not assignable to type ‘MeetingInfoType’

Can you please check with the technical team to sort out this asap?

Hey @dipapatra2012 ,

Can you please point me to the incorrect documentation so we can fix it? :slight_smile:

And yes, we will work on this asap.



I have updated zoom web sdk, can you plz tell me which property to be used to hide meeting info.
Earlier used property is meetingInfo :[ ‘topic’, ‘host’ ]

Error : Type ‘string’ is not assignable to type ‘MeetingInfoType’

Older Version: 1.8.1
Newer Version: 1.8.6

@tommy Your given documentation is not latest one. ZoomMtg - Documentation

You can see that another use also raised the same query.


FYI this is a localised issue with Typescript. It’s working fine with regular Javascript since the latest release itself still has the same properties as 1.8.5, no mention of MeetingInfoType anywhere.

It’s most likely been an undocumented change.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.31.43


Hey @alexmayo ,

Thanks for the suggestion. @dipapatra2012 , @myoneplace does this help solve your issue? If not we will double check why it is not working.


@tommy What should we use in typescript then? We tried MeetingInfoType[‘topic’] and MeetingInfoType.topic both. The error is the same for both.

Hey @dipapatra2012 ,

Let us check to see if this is a bug or not. CC @JackYang.


Hey @dipapatra2012 , @alexmayo , @myoneplace ,

We have confirmed this is a bug and are working to fix it. (CS-2926) :slight_smile:


declare enum MeetingInfoType {

'topic' = 'topic',

'host' = 'host',

'mn' = 'mn',

'pwd' = 'pwd',

'telPwd' = 'telPwd',

'invite' = 'invite',

'participant' = 'participant',

'dc' = 'dc',

'enctype' = 'enctype',

'report' = 'report'


can you try modefy MeetingInfoType define and pass typescript type check?

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