Regression in 3.0.0 with ZoomMtg.init meetingInfo "mn" parameter

Meeting SDK Type and Version
3.0.0 to 3.1.4


In version 2.18.2 of the Meeting SDK for Web, the ZoomMtg.init({}) accepts a parameter called meetingInfo, which can be used to control what is visible when clicking the checkmark in the upper left. For example,

    leaveUrl: '{$leaveURL}',
    disableInvite: true,
    showMeetingHeader: false,
    meetingInfo: [

The meeting number was also easily controllable, and according the documentation, still is by the presence of a key named mn, which is absent from the above example.

With 3.0.0 onward, the meeting number is now always displayed in that area, whether mn is present or not. MeetingInfoType in the docs does not show any changes, nor does the release documentation for 3.0.0.