Meetings API Bug Fix

We were informed that some clients were facing an error using our Zoom Meetings API. Some members of the community reported incorrect meeting times returned by API calls or incorrect time scheduled for meetings. The affected APIs were “__” a_nd “__”_.


The error was caused by a clash between timezones and resulted in an erroneous response as below:



start_time: “2017-01-17T16:00:00Z”

timezone: “America/New_York”



start_time: “2017-01-17T21:00:00Z”

timezone: “America/New_York”


We have fixed the bug, the affected APIs have been tested and functionality has been fully restored.


The create/update meetings API is expected to work as follows:

  • Choose API “…/meeting/create” or “…/meeting/update” to create or update a scheduled meeting with specific meeting start time and timezone passed as parameters.


  • The response data is similar to the following JSON response* depending on the parameters set,if the request is successful.
  • {
     “uuid”: “9qU8IsjNTUuFFjqyWohT7A==”,
     “id”: 123456789,
     “start_url”: “”,
     “join_url”: “”,
     “created_at”: “2012-11-25T12:00:00Z”,
     “host_id”: “dh23hdu23gd”,
     “topic”: “Topic for this meeting”,
     “type”: 2,
     “option_jbh”: false,
     “option_start_type”: “video”,
     “start_time”: “2012-11-25T12:00:00Z”,
     “duration”: 30,
     “timezone”: “America/Los_Angeles”,
     “password”: “123”,
     “h323_password”: “123456”,
     “option_host_video”: false,
     “option_participants_video”: false,
     “option_audio”: “both”,
     “option_enforce_login”: false,
     "option_enforce_login_domains ": “”,
     “option_alternative_hosts”: “”,
     “status”: 0


-Go to My Meetings page and the meeting should be seen as scheduled.


*The times in the response follow UTC timezone.


We will release the API fix this Sunday, Feb 12th and this functionality will be restored for all users.


As always we look forward to your valuable feedback and keep on our toes to stand with our community.

Developer Evangelist

how to code of integrate the web api of this


Hi Khushbu,

Our APIs are developed so you can easily integrate them using REST calls in your programming language. Please follow the link for node.js sample code :

Also, check our API Playground: where you can actually test out our different APIs Post requests and JSON or XML response.

Hope this helps.

Developer Evangelist