/users/{userId}/meetings - use languages for language interpretation

Change the meetings API (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetingcreate) so that languages can be specified for language interpretation, not countries, using internationally recognised language codes.

I’m frustrated because on the UI I can specify any language I want. On the API I have to specify a country code from a limited list, which does not make sense.

API Settings specfication

Zoom App UI:

Zoom Admin UI:

On the UI I can use languages and specify any language I want. Using Country codes on the API does not make sense. In the Unitied Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Country code GB) we have 14 indiginous languages - see Languages of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia. So which of those languages is being specified by the country code “GB”? On the API I get an error when specifying ‘GB’, to get English I have to specify “US” (a little offensive given where English originates from).

Describe the solution you’d like
Do not restrict the language to a limited list of countries. Allow a free form language description eg (“English,Swahili”) or a language code (eg (“en,sw”) or a mix of the two.

Zoom should use the ISO standard lists not imposing their own (see List of ISO 639-1 codes - Wikipedia.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Allow access to the list of languages specified in the Zoom Admin UI, included those that are added that do not exist in Zooms restrictive list.

Please see Language Interpretation error 400 for additional context.

@matt_b Thank you for submitting this, I’ve reached out to our team to have this request considered for a future release. (ZOOM-302925)

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