Meetings created by API not seen under Zoom Dashboard

Meetings created by API are not seen under Zoom Dashboard

There is no error, we are able to Create Meetings using admin credentials , but the same meeting are not listed in the DashBoard under Scheduled or Meetings tab. The API logs show the request

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

endpoint: “”,

request_body: “{“topic”:“Intro(Virtual)”,“type”:“1”,“start_time”:“2020-04-2705:30:00.0”,“duration”:“60”,“timezone”:“EST”,“password”:”",“agenda”:“Training”,“recurrence”:{“type”:“1”,“repeat_interval”:“1”,“weekly_days”:“Monday”},“settings”:{“host_video”:“true”,“participant_video”:“true”,“cn_meeting”:“false”,“in_meeting”:“false”,“join_before_host”:“false”,“mute_upon_entry”:“false”,“watermark”:“false”,“use_pmi”:“false”,“approval_type”:“1”,“registration_type”:“1”,“registrants_email_notification”:“true”}}",

“user-agent: Zoom-Jwt-Request”

Hey @ashlesha,

Does this scheduled meeting show up in the “Upcoming Meetings” tab?

Also make sure you are passing in a correct start_time


Thank you so much the Time Zone was the issue , we were not sending the start_ time in expected format.
Now we see the Schedule Meeting under the profile.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: