Meetings limit?

Are there any limits to the meetings that I can create, I am building a coaching platform where mentors can create meetings for their 1 to 1 students, and meetings will be generated for users from our platform does the api support unlimited meetings ?

Hi @youssefmaher42
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
If you want to create these meetings programmatically using our Create a meeting endpoint:

You will notice that it has a Rate limit label: Medium and depending on your account type you will be able to generate meetings

Thank you @elisa.zoom for your reply, I have read the part related to rate limits and there is something still confusing me. According to the documentation, I can’t make more than 100 meetings per day, does that apply to all the plans offered by Zoom ? or some of the plans can exceed that limit if not does that mean that I need to buy more than one account to be able to make more than 100 meeting per day.

Hi @youssefmaher42
Thanks for the clarification!
That is correct, you can only make 100 meetings per day