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We are creating a platform for meetings using Zoom. Our OAuth app was rejected
After Creating a Minyan/Event, the corresponding meeting does not appear in my Zoom Account under

Hi guys,

Our application was rejected due to the reason that you could’t see newly created events under your account.

We’d like to draw attention to the fact that our site uses Zoom video conferences services for video calls only.

Also, we did an investigation and figured out that all the events that were created by the user are displayed in the Zoom account, however, those events which were created by others and user has joined - are not displayed in the the list of his meetings
So far we couldn’t find a way to display joined events in the Zoom account.
Can you please advise if we understood you correctly and we should display such meetings under user’s account (the ones that were not created by this user) and how can it be implemented or is there any workaround?

Hey @cto3po,

Have you brought this up with the app reviewers?


Hello @tommy ,

As we can see, we can do it only if we resubmit the app. No other contacts with the app reviewer, Any idea how we can do it?


Hey @cto3po,

Only meetings that you are the host of will display in your meeting list.

Let me know what other questions you have.


Thanks for your help!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: