Message Level Integration?

Is it possible to get messages sent to a user on Zoom via API where the messages are captured in real-time?

Is it also possible to send messages to a user on Zoom via API?

Use Case:

User 1: Hi Bot!

… message is sent to an HTTP server (JSON or other format)…
… message is dynamically generated on the HTTP server and sent back to Zoom URL (JSON or other format)
Bot: Hi User 1, I see you’re having issues with your …


Is this use case possible via REST or any other mechanism in the Zoom API stack?

Hi Greg, 

Yes it is possible, please see our Send Chat bot message API -

We have a Chatbot guide as well that shows you step by step how to set it up here -

It appears you have to use a “command” to invoke the chatbot on Zoom. Is this true? Can’t I just chat with the bot without a command “i.e. calluber in your example”? What if I want to talk about the weather and I don’t have a configured command?

Hi Greg, 

No, you don’t need to use the command to send the message, this can be done through the API as well. 

  1. Authenticate as an app
  2. Call the API - 
  3. When calling the API, you can style the content object using our style guide - and the to_jid is the group id you want to post to, you can get that by using the List chat channels API -
  4. After calling the API, you should see the message show up in the Zoom Chat. 

Thanks Michael,


When the Bot calls my development API on my server I get the “cmd” message but it never renders on the Zoom Chat window. It simply disappears. Do I have to initiate a chat session via the API to render the initial chat message sent from the user to the bot? Do I need to call “sendChatMessage” twice? Once to render the users initial message and the second time to render the bots response to the user?

Hi Greg, 

Sorry for the delay, this is a known issue with our Chat bot not being able to display, our Engineers are working on the fix now. However, I do not have an Eta of when the bug fix will be released. 

Once its fixed we will add it to the upcoming release page -