metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants returns OK but no data

I’m trying to get the list of meeting participants who entered via a link and the answer is OK, but no data is returned.
I use a JWT token.
For meetingId I use the value returned for uuid when I created the meeting.
The input query parameters are:
type: “live”
page_size: 100
next_page_token; It is not clear to me what to use. I tried omittig the parameters and using the JWT token.

I créate a meeting with /users/{userId}/meetings (always using JWT token).
I start the meeting and enter to it from other computers using the link returned previously…
When I call /metrics/meetings/uuid/participants, it returns OK, but the response is empty.

I would like to know how to invoke the method or if there is another way to get the list of participants of a meeting without an account in ZOOM that allows them to be identified in any way. I need to associate participants with users of a background software.

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Hey @rperazzolli1,

Make sure there is more than 1 person in the meeting. If there is just 1 user / host it will not return.