Mic Status (Mute/Unmuted)

Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to send the Mic Status (Muted or Unmuted) out of the Windows App to something else?

Ideally looking to send a command when the status of the microphone changes.

Hi @AJTaylor79, thanks for posting & using Zoom! We do have in-meeting events which will send POST requests upon each event; however, we do not have muted/un-muted events.

Transparently, I do not know if we are considering exposing muting/unmuting events through our public webhooks as they would constitute a very large volume of event data.

These events can be monitored using the Windows SDK if you are considering building a full application.

could you please point us out to some documentation

thinking that it could be possible to add a kind of bot to the a meeting that just “listens” to the participan mic changes

Hey @raiman264,

This is currently not supported. You can see the list of available webhook events here: