Mute/UnMute webinar panelists through API

We can’t programmatically mute/unmute users during a Zoom webinar through the API (or SDK). We have a Zoom meeting host who can do this, but we also have a non-technical “president” for each meeting who is used to muting/unmuting microphones (in person). We’d like to modify his program for muting/unmuting mics to also work with Zoom meetings.

What we’d like
We would like API methods to programmatically mute and unmute panelists during a webinar.

What we’ve tried
We tried setting up a dummy web app through the Zoom Web SDK to mute/unmute panelists, but it doesn’t work for webinars. We would prefer not to have to use the Web SDK anyway, we’d rather have some control through the API, which is much easier to use and better-documented.