Microphone Event Listener

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I’m trying to find the correct event listener for when the microphone is being used in a meeting, and by that I mean that the user is unmuted and is currently speaking and the microphone is picking up the audio. But all I seem to find is the event listener for testing the microphone in the settings.

The sdk version I am using is 5.4.54524.122 on Windows

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The interface IMeetingAudioCtrlEvent has a callback event onUserActiveAudioChange that is called when there is a change in a user’s active audio. For example, if a user’s microphone detected a noise when there wasn’t any noise before, or when the user’s microphone stops detecting a noise when there was previously a noise. In that callback, you can tell if the user’s microphone is currently detecting a noise by checking the property IsTalking in the interface IUserInfo.

Please note, there is also a callback onUserAudioStatusChange which is different from onUserActiveAudioChange.


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