onUserActiveAudioChange not firing after everyone stops speaking

I’m using IMeetingAudioCtrlEvent::onUserActiveAudioChange to show when users are speaking. It works fine for one or more people speaking, but when the last person stops speaking the event doesn’t seem to fire and I’m unable to show that the last user is no longer speaking.

I’ve seen several posts on here describing the event firing with 0 user IDs in the list. I expect that this event should fire when the active audio changes to 0 users. If there is a different way to detect when no one is talking I’d be happy to use that but I haven’t found it if it exists

Which Windows Meeting SDK version? (Windows)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Register an event handler for IMeetingAudioCtrlEvent using SetEvent()
  2. Start/Join a meeting (alone to better control the event)
  3. Speak into the microphone - The event fires and has the id(s) of anyone talking
  4. Stop speaking/mute microphone - The event does not fire


Troubleshooting Routes
I tried handling the event in both the C# SDK and the C++ demo and they both show the same results where it fires with more than 0 speakers but not when everyone stops talking.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: HP ProBook 650 G5
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 21H2

Additional context

Still waiting for this to be reviewed. commenting to keep it alive.

if(noResponse == true) {

I ran into the same issue – still figuring out a workaround, but there is IUserInfo::IsTalking, so if you have a list of active speakers, you should be able to use isTalking to figure out whether each speaker is still talking or not.

I thought about using IsTalking, but because of the way I’m using this I’d have to poll every user pretty frequently which isn’t a very good solution particularly in larger meetings. Thanks for the tip anyway!

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